“It’s so easy to build your house when you understand how to do it. You will see how easy it is when you understand the process,” said my mentor when I met with him sometime last month.
Our discussion was so engaging I didn’t notice the passage of time until it was too late for me to go home because it was almost midnight.
I ended up sleeping in his beautiful and newly constructed house with my family.
He led us into a room with a foam he called Orthopedic Foam. And by the time I woke up, I had not felt like I felt that morning in a long time, even though my sleep was short.
I was deeply refreshed and was not feeling the usual ache and stress that seem to accompany my sleep at home these days.
The House was constructed with aesthetic taste and elegance!
I wondered how he was able to build such a house and have access to such affluence at an early age.
As we discussed, however, he said to me, “Aristarchus, I will mentor you in this area too!”
I became so excited.
Immediately, I thought about you, my awesome family and determined I was going to show you too. (Anyways, he told me he wants to mentor young men and women on how to build their house very early in life).
My mentor has hostels built in choice places in UNILORIN, KWASU and other places around Nigeria. He has close to eight years of experience under his belt!
And he’s a man whose integrity speaks for him with the high and the low.
Do you know you can be a land-owner at either 20 or 30?
And if you have crossed your 30th birthday, you can actually hit it before 40?
I want to show you everything my mentor is showing me to help you build your house before your next milestone birthday!
However, there’s a challenge. And the challenge is I want ONLY those who will commit to this process from the beginning to the very end.
I want those who will commit to this YOUNG HOUSE OWNERS CHALLENGE.
The system will work for anyone that will work it. That is why I’m screening out the unserious ones.
If you’ll like to be part of this YOUNG HOUSE OWNERS here are the Terms & Conditions
  1. Join Young House Owners Club. The form is #2,000. And is available online through this link:
  2. With your joining this Club, you can get a land in Ilorin Kwara State at a subsidized rate on a monthly payment plan, for as low as 10,000.
  3. Commit to this challenge every month.
  4. The land becomes yours as soon as you begin to pay for it and you can start building right away.
  5. We will help you build to taste since Construction is our domain. You can take advantage of our services for this after a negotiation with us.
  6. At the end of 24 months, you will have your own House, built to taste and you’ll be forever free from the hassles of a landlord!
Click this link and join today!